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Ricardo Pereyra

Event: IGA NTC 2017

Ricardo is an Associate Professor at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, with 20 years of experience in Marine Science research and conservation. He has conducted leading field and lab research in a multinational and interdisciplinary research in Europe, America, and Asia. Ricardo has 25 years of experience as SCUBA diver with professional qualifications as a scientific and occupational diver, and is also a Conservation and Education speaker. Road to Success in a Multicultural Environment (...Or at Least a Theory) Research has shown that the internationalization of working environments encounter a unique set of challenges related to the working strategies and also related to the social integration of the different cultures involved. But a primary aspect to analyse is, what is actually driving someone to move abroad in first instance. This decision creates pre-arrival expectations already from the conception of the idea and eventually the individuals will measure their success in terms of easily tangible positive experiences and outcomes. Upon arrival to the desired destination, both foreign individuals and hosts need to develop intercultural awareness, flexibility and open- mindedness to avoid stereotyping and ethnic insensitivity. During my talk, I will address these issues at large, with many personal experiences as a former international student, as a researcher and as a docent in the academic field of Life Sciences. I will try to translate them into a wider perspective and finally I will reflect upon the impact of internationalization of research to local and global society.
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