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Nancy Reeves

Event: IGA NTC 2017

Nancy Reeves has a B.A. in Letters and Philosophy from Landivar University, a Master's degree in Spanish from Penn State University and a Master's degree in English from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. In addition, she has post doctoral studies in Research at the University of Leicester and Curriculum at UNINI. She has been an ESL, ELE, and ELA teacher in different academic settings, K-12 and University level in different countries. She has also worked in the creation of academic programs in different institutions. She has currently joined the Pearson family as a Product Specialist for Central America. Supporting Diversity: (Re)framing our Classrooms Diversity in education, by definition, means that we recognize that each person is unique and different and, within these differences, we can discuss culture, physical and cognitive abilities, gender, and ethnicity, among others. Taking in consideration the 21st century skills and the need to create global citizens, we are seeing the need to re-frame our classrooms and open a dialogue in regards to the need of supporting a diverse environment in which our student can be sensible to the needs and differences of others. This re-framing requires for us to re-learn new strategies in our classes to embrace and take advantage of the opportunity at hand.
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