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Carlos Vargas

Event: IGA NTC 2017

Carlos Vargas is a passionate artist and a teacher who loves to teach and teaches to learn. He has been an EFL teacher, Mentor Teacher, trainer, administrator, and workshop presenter for more than eighteen years. He has also been a freelance ESP trainer for international corporations, offering language training solutions for professional adults in the real world of modern business for the past 12 years.  He has shared his expertise and knowledge in conferences and trainings in several countries, including the  USA, Guatemala, México, Puerto Rico, El Salvador and Costa Rica.   He has also been an Academic Consultant for Macmillan Publishing for several years.  He lives, teaches and continues studying in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Communicating Across Cultures Communicating Across Cultures is a workshop designed for teachers who are interested in broadening their knowledge in the areas of intercultural and cross-cultural communication. It aims at recognizing the fundamental patterns of cultural differences, as well as reflecting upon our own cultural schemes and their implications on communication styles and expectations. This workshop’s objective is to help participants appreciate diverse perspectives through critical inquiry and mutual understanding. You will also learn about some useful strategies and techniques for improving cross-cultural communication in the classroom.
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