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Elizabeth Quiros

Event: IGA NTC 2017

Professor and researcher at the School of Modern Languages of University of Costa Rica. Elizabeth has taught EFL in the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She holds postgraduate degrees in  English, education, educational administration, management, and laws. Her research interest areas are: literature, identity and power, technology, educational mediation, organizational culture, and educational institutions. Poetry in the English Language Class: Opening Up to Possibilities Language teaching approaches have evolved through time. For many years, the translation or grammar method was utilized in many educational institutions and many generations were raised accustomed to them. Consequently, many teaching courses were based on language drills that did not promote an appropriate competence in the language classroom. Time and research on students’ performance and achievement in EFL/ESL classrooms have helped change the paradigm; as a result, today innovative language teaching resources are being implemented at all levels of the teaching spectrum. One of these tools is literature, in general, and poetry, in particular. This research describes the benefits of using poetry in the language class to enhance students’ language skills; moreover, it presents examples and ideas of how this genre can be utilized in different language settings and various audiences.
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