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Luz Adriana Lopera Orozco 2018

Event: IGA NTC 2018

Luz Adriana grew up in the States and studied in Colombia. She holds a degree in Modern Languages from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia. She’s a specialist in Organizational Psychology and has a Master´s in Education and Teaching.  She’s been an English teacher for over 20 years. Her teaching experience includes teaching at the Binational Center Centro Colombo Americano in Medellin for 10 years and also writing exams, creating courses, training teachers and coordinating the Academic Resource Center. She worked coordinating the Adolescent Program at EAFIT University in Medellín, and doing research about material development and resources in the classroom. She was the founder and dean at the Canadian School.   Luz Adriana has also trained many teachers form the public and private sector and was also part of the leading team of the Antioquia Bilingue Program, which requires her to work closely with the Colombian Ministry of Education as “tallerista del Ministerio de Educación Nacional de Colombia “MEN” to support teacher from the public sector regarding the National Bilingual Program in Colombia. She was an International Academic Consultant for Macmillan in Colombia and Central America and various private bilingual schools in Medellín.   She was the Academic Coordinator for Medellín Multilingüe one of the biggest project for the Board of Education in the City of Medellín. She was responsible for all the teacher training and languages classes for all the citizens and she was also the leader of the three public universities “Mesa de Bilinguismo”.   She is currently working at CEIPA Business School as the Language Center Director. With the support of her Academic team, she designed the Spanish Program for Foreigners. In 2016, she was a guest speaker at the EFMD Argentina for Business Schools.  She is also has a certification in Active Learning, Innovation from Purdue University and a Conscious Business Certification from the Conscious Business Center (Fred Koffman).
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