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German Gomez

Event: IGA NTC 2020

Mr. German Gomez works for World Learning Inc. headquartered in Washington, DC. At World Learning Mr. Gomez serves as the Director of TESOL Education and STEM Training Centers overseeing the organization´s TESOL and STEM portfolio in 28 countries. In his role as Director, Mr. Gomez conducts outreach efforts to increase partnerships for and brand recognition of World Learning and the School for international Training’s (SIT) TESOL work around the world including advertising and promotional events. Mr. Gomez's management experience at World Learning also includes work with various education programs for entities and companies such as the U.S. Department of State, the Boeing Company, Deutsche Bank and Ministries of Education with staff management in countries including Myanmar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. At World Learning, Mr. Gomez has also worked with foreign universities to develop online, blended, and face-to-face training programs and curricula for pre and in-service teachers. Mr. Gomez has also been a presenter and guest speaker at various conferences around the world and has consulted in education and management for various organizations in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. German´s 23-years work experience in the field of ELT includes serving as Academic Director at Instituto Guatemalteco Americano-IGA in Guatemala City and as Academic and Research Director at UCC Center in Daegu, South Korea. Mr. Gomez holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Tulane University in New Orleans and an Executive MA in project management from Formato Educativo in Spain. Gomez is also a Licensed Teacher Trainer and TESOL Trainer of Trainers for the School for International Training’s TESOL Certificate.
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