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Nick Manthei

Event: IGA NTC 2021

Nick Manthei is a full-time teacher trainer for Oxford University Press. He holds a master’s degree in International Education with a specialization in ESL and has recently become an accredited educational coach. His current passions in education include data collection, eBadging, coaching, project management and research. Before entering the publishing industry, he taught English as a Foreign Language for eleven years in South Korea and Turkey to all age groups. He strongly believes that the most important person in the school for students is the teacher. His sessions often provide many hands-on activities as participants generally learn more when doing something rather than just hearing it. Online teacher training has allowed Nick to provide professional development services to teachers around the world. This is his first time presenting to teachers in Guatemala and hopes it is not his last. He lives with his wife and two children in Izmir, Turkey.
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