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National Conference for Teachers of English

La NTC es la oportunidad para que más de mil docentes de inglés de todo el país, se capaciten en Guatemala, con especialistas de renombre internacional, enfocados en el desarrollo de dicha lengua. Algo que valoramos e impulsamos, puesto que la inversión en los docentes se transforma en calidad educativa para los estudiantes.


Everything went superb from my perspective. I enjoyed the conference so much!!! The room I was in was beautiful, and the people assisting me were very professional and nice at all times!   I can honestly say I am a fan of NTC! Mayra is Fan of NTC   Best,

Mayra Crosthwayt

It was a pleasure to have been part of the conference once again! I found it extremelly well organized. Your warmth and hospitality were flawless. I didn’t have the chance to attend many sessions other than the plenaries. I found them quite interesting but one, which I honestly feel was not up to the level of the event you hold every year. I found the coffee breaks were too long. I don’t know whether people in Guatemala are used to having 90-minute breaks, but I think that they could be shorter and attendees could have more chances of attending more workshops and benefit from the event in as much as they can. Loved the cocktail, too! I hope my talks contributed to the success of the event, so I can go back in years to come! If you happen to have any feedback about my presentations, I would love to know about it. All the best! Greetings to the whole team!!!

Gustavo Gonzalez

I can honestly say that the event was very well run. It was organized and I particularly liked the overall theme of the event. Everyone was very helpful and able to help me whenever needed. All of the staff that worked the event deserve a special round of applause for their hard work and dedication.   Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Brad Bawtinheime

Thank you so much for the opportunity of allowing me to be part of such a well-known event. I don´t have much to add, the event went smoothly and I was amazed at the amount of people that came to the conference. The audio worked well and the space was sufficient, the tech support was efficient. One of the highlights for me was being able to see such beautiful dances that was breathtaking.   Thank you again for everything, it was a wonderful experience.

Nancy Reeves

- It was an outstanding organization, the place was wonderful, people willing to participate; in general terms, a wonderful experience. - The warmth and willingness to assist me when needed are treasured. - The topics were very interesting and updated; however, I have to be honest and say that I did not enjoy the participation in the talks on culture due to the fact that some of the comments made by the speaker were biased and prejudiced towards Latin American citizens and culture fact that I did not understand for it was a talk on how to communicate successfully with people from other cultures. I may be very wrong but that was my impression. - The hotel met all my expectations (service, location, meals) - In general terms, I have to say that I enjoyed the conference very much, wonderful experience. Thank you all for making it possible. Warm regards, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Quiros

I thought the event was fantastic, one of the best I’ve been to.  The organization seemed seamless.  The limited number of presentations meant there was a greater chance to see high-quality sessions (this depends on your selection committee, of course, but I thought they did a great job).  I really liked the longer breaks as it allowed for attendees to network and relax as they needed or wanted.   As a plenary speaker, I thought 1 hour was too long.  35-45 minutes is usually sufficient to get a point across while being able to maintain the audience’s attention.   The hospitality & hotel room were beyond my expectations.  I would recommend this conference to any teacher I know.   Thanks,

Andy Noonan
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