NTC Guatemala City 2022

IGA's NTC 2022 will have 6 presenters from different parts of the world! This year's NTC highlights the importance of creating community amongst teaching professionals and students. After more than two years of working remotely, we have realized that there is a need of getting in touch with our colleagues to build groups in which we support each other and share the learnings that working remotely have brought to us. We have all become experts in the use of new and existing technologies that support student learning, and have explored new avenues to increase student engagement; let's come together in this NTC to see how we can boost these learnings through networks of professionals who strive to help students learn in a more engaging way. We have 1000 available spaces on Zoom, free of charge. Only participants who register and attend the 6 sessions will receive a participation diploma. If you are not able to register you can still follow the conference on Facebook live on IGA's fan Page.