It was a pleasure to have been part of the conference once again! I found it extremelly well organized. Your warmth and hospitality were flawless. I didn’t have the chance to attend many sessions other than the plenaries. I found them quite interesting but one, which I honestly feel was not up to the level of the event you hold every year.

I found the coffee breaks were too long. I don’t know whether people in Guatemala are used to having 90-minute breaks, but I think that they could be shorter and attendees could have more chances of attending more workshops and benefit from the event in as much as they can.

Loved the cocktail, too!

I hope my talks contributed to the success of the event, so I can go back in years to come! If you happen to have any feedback about my presentations, I would love to know about it.

All the best!

Greetings to the whole team!!!

Gustavo Gonzalez

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